Tayo still winning in BBA house



Thirty-one days into the Big Brother Africa show, Tayo, the remaining Nigeria housemate in the show after Lilian’s premature exit, continues to escape eviction pang. Besides escaping the list, he is counting his laurels.

And, perhaps, among the housemates his character seems to be the most symbolic of the idea of the Big Brother Africa show: he is largely genuine and real or so he is perceived. Not even the fear of eviction has ‘faked’ him; he laughs when he needs to and fights when the occasion demands he does.

This has earned him foes and, maybe, more friends, a reason he probably bickered with JJ, Alusa, Nhanhla, Kacey and other male hotshots.

When JJ was picked as head of the house two weeks ago, many thought it was time Tayo got ready for eviction fever. But rather, Kacey Moore, Luis, Macky2, Mr. 265, Frankie, Sheilla, Arthur and manipulative Sheillah were listed for possible ousting while the Ghanaian (Kacey) and Luis that were eventually thrown out.

And as another six were enlisted on Monday, Tayo remained fortunate once again.

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