UK Home Office allegely Bans Bishop Oyedepo from entering the Uk

From Sahara reporters:
According to the source, the ban arose from
preliminary investigations by Britain’s Charity Commission that determined that monies donated to Bishop Oyedepo’s church for charitable purposes were funneled to Nigeria to fund the preacher’s flamboyant lifestyle.
Bishop Oyedepo owns a plush private jet and
has a fleet of expensive cars, among many
other astonishing personal assets.
Bishop Oyedepo was barred from entering the
United Kingdom in July. However, when
SaharaReporters contacted Nicola Kelly, a press officer at the immigration desk at the UK Home Office, she declined to comment on the case. The same day, our reporter spoke to one Emmanuel Igban, a media aide to Bishop
Oyedepo, but he denied that the high-flying
preacher had been banned.
But our British source asserted that Bishop
Oyedepo and one of his sons had been aware
of the probe of church finances for at least
three years now. He added that the probe was
triggered after the British Charity Commission found out that the wealthy pastor had taken out more than £16 million from the UK since 2009.
He added that the commission closely monitors
any repatriation of church resources, disclosing that any repatriation of funds of that size was most likely illegal.
According to the source, Bishop Oyedepo
claimed that he was running a not-for-profit
religious organization, “but the commission
determined that he was diverting funds to
engage in a series of profitable ventures.”
Bishop Oyedepo, who recently turned 60, is
believed to be Nigeria’s richest pastor and is
widely regarded as one of the richest
televangelists in the world.
The UK government has distributed notices
warning airlines that operate flights to the UK not carry the bishop.
Mr. Oyedepo’s private jet is also barred from
entering the UK airspace with him on board.”


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