Nick Cannon debuts new hairdo. now guess whats weird, it’s a leopard print hairdo.

Leopards are known their uncanny ability to be stealthy.
But Nick Cannon was anything but clandestine in his new feline-inspired do.
The 33-year-old star appeared on the set of Good Morning America in New York on Monday with a new hairstyle that mimicked a leopard’s rosette print coat.
Hamming it up! The America’s Got Talent host seemed to be quite pleased with his new look and even wore a pair of grey leopard print loafers to match his hair
He appeared to be quite proud of his new look as he hammed it up for the cameras as he made his way into the studio and even wore a pair of grey leopard print loafers.
Nick’s hairdo was not the only thing that surely turned heads as he donned a primarily white ensemble for his appearance on the popular morning show.
The America’s Got Talent host wore a suit jacket, vest, dress shirt, and trousers all in the milky colour.
Hear him roar: The Drumline actor completed the look with a black tie and silver glittery loafers
Open interview: Nick addressed the controversy surrounding him wearing white facepaint to promote his new album White People Party Music
He completed the look with a black tie and a pair of glittery silver slippers.
The Drumline actor even took to Instagram to let his near-650K followers see his new look as he posted a selfie while shirtless.
The television personality, who is married to singer Mariah Carey, bowed his head to show off his radical new do and his impressively muscular physique.
Showing off: The actor posed in his nearly all-white ensemble after his appearance on the popular American morning show
Bundled up: He donned a long white coat to keep warm as he headed out after the appearance
He captioned the image: ‘I usually don’t do #Selfies but I think my new hairstyle is worth it! #Animal #TheWildLife #IFinallyLostIt #Cheetah #CantCatchMe #TooFast #TryToKeepUp #wppm #Ncredible.’
Nick must have the filidea family members of the animal kingdom confused as his hair looks more like the rosette pattern of a leopard than the spots of a cheetah.
The rapper also addressed the controversy involving posting a photo of himself with his face painted white and in a new persona to promote his album White People Party Music.
Feline-inspired: The designs dyed into his hair resemble the rosette pattern often associated with leopards
Busy schedule: Nick is currently the host of America’s Got Talent and stars in the comedic reality show Real Husbands Of Hollywood with Kevin Hart and Robin Thicke
Eye of the tiger: The actor and rapper seems to have an affinity for cats as his shiny slippers appeared to be sequined and Tiger patterned
‘Whiteface, if you look it up and Google it, it’s a ski slope up in upstate New York,’ he told Good Morning America, adding: ‘I Don’t really know what that is.’
Nick also said that he believes that the comparisons to blackface are inaccurate.
‘Blackface is a term that was created in 1869 to describe offensive minstrel shows.
‘I was doing a character impression. Blackface is about oppression. If you really want to have that conversation, we can have that conversation.’
White People Party Music will be released on Tuesday.
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