Full story of whats going on between Floyd Mayweather and his ex-fiance

So you guys know who Floyd Mayweather is right? Well to those of you who don’t, he is the muhammed ali of our time, he is currently a $500 million worth american boxer, he is sometimes called “money Mayweather”. So he got his girl he proposed to, she’s just called Miss Jackson, and after a while rumors started spreading that she’s gonna split with Floyd and yes, she did broke up with him and threw the ring at his face(well not technically).
Floyd begged her to come back and even told her there wouldn’t be a pre-nup when they got married(that means she was liable to half of his property if they got divorced, she would be given $250 million!) but she refused, her reason for the break up being that he(Floyd) refused to do away with the side chicks(incase you didn’t know black men can’t do without ’em heaux). So yes they broke up and Floyd stopped begging.
Now the whole thing has quite turned into something else, Floyd’s first move was to take away her WHOLE closet, she was ripped of all her designer wares. Then he went to all the diamond wares he got her, he took all her diamonds and then she started wearing fakes.
As if all that was not enough, she parked her Bently continental(a very expensive car) which he allowed her to be driving, in front of a mall and one of Floyd’s team spotted the car and got it repo’d(he took it back to the dealership), now she is carless, jeweless and even maybe naked. She is now considered a poor social elite.
Last she was spotted doing was getting her hermes bag pawned that means she took it to a pawn shop and pawn shops buys stuffs from you and sells it to another.
Now pls people is it now advisable to be that classy, integrity-filled, “my man can’t date another” kinda girl? and is this a lesson that girls should get jobs even if they’re dating very rich guys and did Floyd go too far with all his action? Your comments pls.
I got pix for proof, first pix is her pix, she’s the one in black, second pix the car that got repo’d, third pix her designer Hermes bag she pawned.


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