Ways to embarrass yourself at the gym


Minimise the shame by avoiding these mistakes at the gym:

Wear gloves: If you need gloves, a weight belt, wrist wraps or any other device, then there is a part of your body that is not strong enough to lift that weight; hence, you are not strong enough to lift that weight.

Give advice: Unless your shirt says “trainer” on it, don’t talk to me. The magazine you read on a plane does not make you an expert. Please, just stare and judge like a normal person.

Carry a gallon jug: How much water are you going to drink over the course of an hour? There must be a gallon jug workout that I didn’t know about where you carry it around the perimeter of the gym while wearing a sleeveless shirt and shaking your head in agreement with some person you are never with.

Give body compliments: “Nice traps, man,” “You’re crushing those lats, dude,” “The biceps are getting big, buddy,” “You’re getting lean, brosef.”

Source: guycodeblog.mtv.com

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