Ideye robbed in Ukraine


Super Eagles striker Brown Ideye was on Friday robbed of vital documents while having dinner with some friends at a restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The club said on its website, “After the friendly against FC Hoverla Uzhhorod, he (Ideye) had dinner at TGI on Friday with his friends. While he was in the restaurant, someone stole the bag from his car.”

According to the player, the thief broke into his parked Range Rover Sport Jeep and stole his wallet and bag with documents from the car. The thief also made away with his work permit in Ukraine, credit card, Ipad and some other effects.

He took to Facebook to announce the robbery and posted the picture of the damaged car on the social website.

The club is pleading with anyone who has information on the robbery and the stolen documents.

“If anyone knows who’s done that I’ll be thankful for any information. The robbers can take anything they want, but I hope they’ll return the authorisation to work, driving license and other documents,” Ideye pleaded.

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