Jimmy Jatt not retiring soon


For those who think ace Disc Jockey, Jimmy Jatt, is retiring soon, the master of turntable has categorically said it is among the last things on his mind.

In a telephone chat with Saturday Beats earlier in the week, Jatt said, “Retire for what? I don’t see that in view at all. I am not the oldest DJ in the world not to even talk of being the oldest in the country. What most of these young DJs are doing is just to follow in our steps so why would I want to stop and let my footsteps be erased, I cannot quit this business.”

He said that the new crop of DJs were no threat to him as most of them are walking in the footsteps of the older generation of disc jockey.

Jatt said that one could not just decide to stop doing music or stop being a DJ.

“Being a disc jockey is not something you wake one morning and say you are retiring. The highest a DJ can do is to slow down and be choosy about the gigs he attends. I have not even considered retiring,” he said.

The DJ added that he just got into the country after attending various parties around the world especially during the Valentine’s season. He said the demand for his craft was very high during the love season around the world and with the kind of invites he gets it would be a major setback for his brand to quit being a disc jockey anytime soon.

“The demand for me was very high this Valentine’s season. I recently got into the country having performed around the world. Even in the country, I headlined most of the key events that took place. If the demand is that high, why would I want to step down? Quitting now would be a major setback for my brand and it would be like shooting myself in the foot,” Jatt said.


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