I never shaved off all my hair –Eva Alordiah


In recent times, most actresses have become daring in their bid to make a huge fashion statement; they shave off their hair! Some of them claimed they did it for roles in one movie or the other.

In any case, a picture of Eva Alordiah was on the Internet recently with her hair shaved. Most people thought the young singer had joined the ranks of such actresses.

It was reported that the rapper who is also a make-up artiste and takes pride in making various daring hairdo shaved off her hair to make a fashion statement.

The rap artiste however denied it claiming it was only a part she shaved off as part of a new hairstyle she was wearing and when she posted it online, people were quick to conclude that she went bald.

The artiste whose current track, Deaf, is enjoying massive airwaves said that she sang the song because people though they knew everything but would not give her a chance to let her express her opinion.

Eva said, “I never shaved all the hair on my head. I don’t know where they got that news from. I did a style that I had to shave a part of my hair and I posted a photo of the shaved side and they were too quick to pick it up. People think they know it all but would not give you a chance to express your own opinions.”


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